Atari Patrucci
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Atari Patrucci studied free and fine Arts in Realworld in Kassel and Vienna and graduated from the University of Kassel, HBK with a MA in 2003.
He took part of several exciting Real - & Virtual World-Projects thematically based between Science, Art and Literature.
He is the founder of the *PuAAvTm( -Association for phantastic utopic architectures, aesthetics and virtual transmissions.
Recent Works
Recent Projects

SL Appearence

Perry Rhodan in Second Life

German Newbie Center

the famous UFO-Shop, still in NewBerlin

The SoA-Project
HOUSE I (cgi/cad Art-Installation)
The House I is a cgi/cad-artinstallation by Atari Patrucci, well known as the Multimedia-Artist Marcus Hinterthür. It was influenced and inspired by a paintnig from Herbert Brandl from the 80´th, that itself was inspired by the architectonic model "Haus 1" from 1965 by Heidulf Gerngross.
The House I is a concept for CyberArt, and presents a virtual Sculpture, an interactive architectonic model.
It was first shown as an virtual art installation in METROPOLIS METAVERSE at the SoA 2012, took part at the Contest of Monumental Art in 2013 in the virtual world of Cloud Party. and is now operating as a virtual museum
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